WS Area Chamber & Development Local Business Spotlight

For Amkota Farm & Home Center owner Angie Brueske, her “why” when it comes to business philosophy, is making her customers happy.  

“I love working with our customers,” said Angie Brueske. “If a customer requests a new product or something Amkota doesn’t have on the shelves, we bring it in and let them try it. We can’t have everything on the shelves but we try.” 

Brueske describes Amkota as a “one-stop-shop."

“Whether it’s feed, lumber, fencing, a part for your leaky toile or your dog needs a new leash, we are here to help,” she explained. 

Jessica Van Dyke, who has been working at Amkota assisting with office duties and on the sales floor for five years, echoed that sentiment, calling Amkota the place to go when “you lost your favorite drill bit, ripped your glove and need a new one or want to paint your bedroom.”   

Van Dyke added, “If I don’t have the real estate on the shelf I’ll do my darnedest to get it in.”

Beyond the items they carry, service and consistency are key according to Van Dyke and Brueske. 

“We really have service you’re not going to find anywhere out of town,” they expressed with dedication. “We can get anything the big box stores have within a day or two —  and if it doesn’t work out, bring it back and we’ll figure it out with you.” 

Brueske said that at the beginning of the pandemic, it brought her solace and joy to be able to deliver on that customer service when they were calling in for supplies to help them complete household projects.  

“We were curbside for a long time,” she said. “I’m glad we were here for our customers during that time. It’s been a trying year for all of us but we are in this together.”

As for the future, Brueske plans to extend hours next year. Beyond that, she doesn’t have many changes planned because she said that staying consistent is what her customers expect — and she gives credit to her employees for much of that.

“Our employees are wonderful at helping come up with ideas for customers,” she said. “We wouldn’t still be here without all of them.”