Last year, Dave Gaulke of Buffalo County invited True Dakotan readers to compare sizes and answer the question: whose rock is bigger? Throughout the year, the True Dakotan published big rock submissions from all over the region. 
Earlier this year, we published all seven of the big rock submissions and asked our readers to vote for what they believed was the biggest rock. 
The winner was Ralph Winegar of Wessington Springs, shown at above with the victory sign and atop his winning rock.
Due to the very wet spring, summer and now fall we have experienced across the state, Winegar’s big rock was inaccessible for a photograph for most of the year. With our readers anxious to discover whose rock was voted biggest, we asked Winegar to pay a visit to the newspaper office and pose with the sign Gaulke had made for the contest. 
Thank you to all who submitted big rock photos and thank you to Dave Gaulke for spearheading this fun and lively competition!