Honoring health, wellness and community with Jackie Johnson Memorial fundraiser
An outpouring of requests from the community to honor the late Jackie Johnson at the Springs Rec Center has prompted a collaboration between the Johnson family and Build Springs Committee. Together, they announced plans last month for a special “Wall of Hope” within the center to celebrate the longtime Wessington Springs resident, cancer advocate and champion of overall health and wellness.
“Throughout her 10 year battle and journey with cancer, she could not have been in a more supportive community. She always knew how blessed she was to have such support,” said Johnson’s daughter, Lacey Babich on behalf of the Johnson family. “With that, we know she would want to do whatever she could to give back to the community that gave her so much. And although she may not physically be here to do so, we could not think of a better way to give back in her name and honor. To help a project that would benefit all the things that she believed in, would be a blessing for not only her, but our family...in remembering her and the love and gratitude she had for so many.”
Build Springs Committee members said that the “Wall of Hope” is a tribute dedicated to the memory of a faith-filled, inspirational woman who made a positive impact on the community as a whole.
“Feeling blessed by the support of this great community, Jackie Johnson’s love of all things youth, sports, health/wellness, music and family is coming to light. A new, 13,000 square-foot space such as the Springs Rec Center offers this great community everything that Jackie loved all under one roof,” said members of the Build Springs Committee. “Jackie’s family understands the love and pride she felt living in Wessington Springs, and continues to show their gratitude by allowing others to honor Jackie Johnson through the fundraising efforts for the Springs Rec Center.”
All funds raised in memory of Johnson will go toward the overall project fundraiser, with gifts made in her name honored on the “Wall of Hope.”
More information about the project and fundraiser can be found at www. springsreccenter. com.