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Shown at the award ceremony at the EMS banquet in Aberdeen are Jerauld County Ambulance EMT Dick Powell, SD EMS Association Vice President, Brian Ring and Jerauld County Ambulance EMT Ellen Powell. Other members of Jerauld County Ambulance not pictured are:  Megan Baumgart, RN; EMTs Linda Willman, Ryan Jungemann, Eric Schroeder, Betsy Schroeder, Becky Leslie, Tabitha Willman, Leslie Vinderslev, Heidi Dornbusch, Sara Deinert, RN and EVOC driver Spencer Grubb.
Among three nominated EMS services across the state, Jerauld County Ambulance was honored last weekend with the South Dakota EMS Service of the Year award.  This award is presented annually and is selected by a committee made up of state and district vice presidents amongst nominations received. 
“What a surprise and an honor to be recognized,” said Ellen Powell, longtime Jerauld County Ambulance EMT.  “Thanks to our crew, this is always a group effort to keep our service running! We couldn't do what we do without the help of Jerauld County Sheriff's Office, the Wessington Springs and Alpena Fire Departments.”
The Jerauld County Ambulance serves most of Jerauld County including the towns of Wessington Springs, Lane and Alpena. Made up of nine EMT’s, two RNs and an EVOC driver, Jerauld County Ambulance aims to have three on every emergency call and two for transfers. Seven EMTs and one EVOC driver currently take call to cover the weekends.
Powell said that the challenges and rewards of consistently providing 24-hour service in Jerauld County make winning this statewide designation very rewarding.  
“We were very humbled to be nominated and more so to actually win,” Powell said. “It was nice to be recognized by our peers in South Dakota.”