Although we haven’t made the official announcement about an increase to the True Dakotan staff, if you’ve been by the newspaper office lately, you may have had a run in with the newest member of the team. 

She spends an awful lot of time on the couch, is selective about visitors and has a tendency to follow people into the bathroom. 

In case you haven’t been by, we thought we’d dedicate a few column inches this week to make a proper introduction: sleek and black with piercing orange eyes, we introduce you to farm feline turned periodical prima donna, Chase.  

The issue published on Halloween seemed like an appropriate time for Chase’s debut.  In fact, just last week as she, in her all-ebony coat, was perched on the counter, Chase was mistaken for a Halloween decoration. That is, until she moved —  delivering a humorous Halloween scare to Wessington Springs resident Tammy Mettler as she paid a visit to the office.  

Originally a farm cat, she now makes her home in the newspaper office and appears more-than-content to trade hunting for food to stalking a scratch behind the ears. Her waistline has been expanding due to an ever-growing fan base and the litany of tasty treats brought to her as gifts.

But Chase isn’t the only one reaping the benefits of her new newspaper digs. Her presence lightens the mood during stressful deadline days and her curious cat antics bring a lot of laughter to True Dakotan design, editorial and office staff as well as to our readers. Some of our cat-loving readers and part-time employees even make special stops to visit Chase as they go about their business on Main Street. 

We encourage and welcome all of our readers to stop in anytime. If you’re not-so-fond-of-felines, (Chase is my first cat — this dog lover is still on the fence some days!) don’t worry, Chase is more likely to retreat to the back of the newspaper building than make an attempt to shift anyone’s animal affinity.

On the other hand, if you fall under the ailurophile (cat lover) category, Chase, who is quite intuitive in her felinity, will be certain to seek you out.