Newspaper staff from Wessington Springs Elementary School News paid a visit to the True Dakotan to top off a successful year of publishing a monthly school newspaper. Names of the entire staff can be found in this week's True Dakotan on page seven.

Field trip channels creativity for school newspaper staff

The editorial staff of Wessington Springs Elementary School News took a trip to the True Dakotan recently for a hands-on, interactive field trip at the newspaper office located on Main Street in Wessington Springs. 

In addition to learning about the day-to-day operations of a community newspaper, the budding journalists participated in hands-on activities including editing images in Photoshop, page layout using newspaper industry-standard software InDesign, and taking the paper through the advertising insert, bundling, tagging and mailing process. 

“It’s exciting to see so many elementary school students interested in telling their community’s story through journalism,” said Kristi Hine, True Dakotan Editor/Publisher. “The field trip topped off a productive year for the WSES News staff and spurred excitement about the newspaper business among several of the kids who are now serving as summer interns at the paper.”

Each month throughout the school year, the 21-member WSES News staff produces a monthly newspaper with the help of editor and elementary school principal Carrie Azure. The digital newspaper is disseminated to a school mailing list electronically. WSES News staff is made up of: Garrett Aldrich, Ella Kolousek, Mercedes Jones, Kerstynn Heim, Colby Flowers, Briley Viktora, Brooklyn Caffee, Grady Gran, Tierney Knipfer, Kaitlyn Braun, Jewel McGough, Nichelle Kruse, Tregen Jensen, Remie Roduner, Logan Mohling, Alexis Roesler, Matix Rosencrans, Estrellita Cardona, Kendall Kolousek, Jada Kolousek and Zachary Kruse.

A collection of stories, columns and photos previously published in WSES News can be found in this week's True Dakotan.