A garden tells a story

Maggie Higgins is pictured in her garden east of her home in Wessington Springs. Passionate about gardening since she was a seven-year-old little girl growing up in England, her penchant for gardening remains strong.    

With two packets of seeds — radishes and cosmos — a passion for gardening bloomed early on for Maggie Higgins as a seven-year-old girl in England. 

“Everything is built out of bricks in England so I gathered some and made my own little garden,” she said. “From then on, I planted everything.”

The garden she’s planted at her and husband Jerry’s home in Wessington Springs showcases her green thumb, with meandering paths rounding corners to discover vibrant blooms framing bird baths alongside a wide variety of unique garden art.   

“I plan for color throughout the garden,” Maggie explained. “When I decide on what I’m planting and where, I really watch for the different shades of the blooms.”

On the cusp of their 39th wedding anniversary on July 28, Maggie explained that she met Jerry when they were both working in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s. 

“We met in April and he gave me two weeks to decide if I wanted to marry him,” she laughed. “In July we were married. But Jerry’s not a gardener by a long shot.”

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