A recount for the Jerauld County Commissioner District 1 race has been scheduled for Monday, November 26 at 9 a.m. 

Unofficial results for the race were tight on election night between Fred Krohmer (D) and Sheridan Larson (R) at 71-68, respectively. But after the votes were canvassed Thursday,  November 8, the official count showed Larson with 68 votes and Krohmer with 69 votes.

After a petition was filed for a recount, the Jerauld County Auditor’s office began proceedings to schedule the recount. 

According to the Jerauld County Auditor’s office and the South Dakota Secretary of State, a presiding judge, in this case a judge from the Third Circuit, will appoint and give notice to a recount board. (SDCL 12-21-3) The recount board will consist of a referee and two voters of the county representing the different political parties. 

In the case of this recount, an attorney from Huron, SD will serve as referee and Ann Olson (R) and Pam Frank (D) of Wessington Springs will represent the voters of the county. The referee must be a member of the bar of the state of South Dakota and a member of the political party which polled the largest number of votes for Governor in the county in the last gubernatorial election.

Recount results will be published in the next issue of the True Dakotan.