City election poll workers

The Jerauld County 4-H Building served as voting poll for the Tuesday, June 2, 2020 Primary and Municipal Elections. Voter and poll worker safety precautions were evident throughout the building, with plastic dividers, hand sanitizer and distancing measures in place. Municipal poll workers (left to right) are: Vicki Harmdierks, Pam Frank and Vickie Brodkorb.   

Uncanvassed Election Results

Brian Bergeleen 225
Christie Curtis 165

Ward One Council
Ryan Knipfer 85
Kathy Voorhees 61

Ward Two Council
Layton Schimke 60
Bernie Maxwell 46

Ward Three Council
Pat Fastnacht 87
Kim Christensen 45 

With an uptick of positive COVID-19 cases in Jerauld County at the end of May, voter turnout projections for the June 2, 2020 election were questionable. While many locals voted absentee in light of the current health crisis and much encouragement from the SD Secretary of State, poll workers stated that a steady succession of voters continued to file in and vote in-person throughout the day. 

On the south side of the 4-H Building, voters in Jerauld County Precincts 1-5 cast their ballots in a Primary Election. On the north side of the building, City of Wessington Springs residents weighed in on the elections for Mayor and councilperson for Wards One, Two and Three. 

Jerauld County COVID-19 numbers at press time were: Currently Active, 12; Total Positive, 35; Total Negative, 157; Total recovered, 22; Ever hospitalized, 2; Deaths, 1; Community Spread, Substantial.