Pictured above, Dustin Weber leads the Broken Heart Ranch combine crew through a cornfield west of Wessington Springs. Despite a slow start to the season due to wet weather, harvest is in full swing across the region, with farmers excited to see abundant yields that conditions have brought this year.

Josh Hoffman, Agronomist at Wilbur-Ellis in Wessington Springs said that local producers are happy to be back in the field after a stressful, rain-filled start to harvest, and even more pleased with the yields they are seeing.  

“The last seven days have been unreal. With soybeans, we are seeing 50 to 65 plus bushels,” Hoffman said. “As for corn, we are seeing 165 to 200 plus bushels in areas.”

But Hoffman said that when it comes to 2018 harvest, despite high yields, not everything is coming up roses when it comes to profits. Thankfully though, this year’s bumper crop is helping to insulate area crop farmers from significant financial losses that would have occurred because of low commodity prices.

“In addition to breathing a sigh of relief to be back in the field, farmers are saying they feel fortunate to have these types of yields to help make up for low commodity prices,” Hoffman stated.