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If you’re reading your print issue and find that the copy of Jerauld County Outdoors originally inserted in this paper has made its way into another reader’s hands, don’t fret! Plenty of the hunting guides can be found all over Jerauld County at area businesses and hunting lodges. Available free of charge, be sure to pick up one or two guides to take home as a souvenir from what we hope is a safe and enjoyable trip. If reading the e-issue, visit http://www.truedakotan.com/eedition/ for an electronic version of Jerauld County Outdoors. 

South Dakotans and our visitors have built a rich and deeply rooted tradition around pheasants and pheasant hunting for over a century. 
The opening weekend in October is an event anticipated not only by hunters, but also loved ones and friends who are reunited during this time of much-loved customs and gatherings.
The tradition of highlighting all that our area has to offer is a longstanding one too, with the practice of publishing a True Dakotan hunting issue spanning many decades. This year, as we carry that on, we are excited to introduce a new version of that tradition as we introduce you to the inaugural issue of Jerauld County Outdoors, inserted in this issue of the newspaper.
Each year, as thousands of hunters flock to the prairie to walk the fields with their families and friends, local businesses offer up specials and area organizations host time-honored events throughout the season-long celebration. 
In the full-color, glossy pages of Jerauld County Outdoors, readers will discover important information related to the hunt, as well as hunting-specific content and feature stories for visitors and locals alike.  Shopping, special events, dining and recreation details — all focused on helping our guests enjoy pheasant season to the fullest — are also featured within the Jerauld County Area Hunting Guide.