After holding at 39 positive COVID-19 cases since June (the number moved up and down to and from 40 cases due to mis-attribution from other counties), an uptick in Jerauld County residents testing positive for the virus has been the trend for September.  

The South Dakota Department of Health has been tracking and making daily announcements about positive and negative COVID-19 tests in each South Dakota county since March 2020. As of September 15, 2020, the SD-DOH reported that in Jerauld County, since the agency began reporting numbers, 51 people have tested positive, 308 have tested with negative results and 47 individuals that tested positive have recovered. The SD-DOH reported on September 15 that there are currently three active cases in Jerauld County and that one death occurred in the county earlier in the year due to COVID-19.

Due to a lag time between the SD-DOH notifying individuals about test results and reporting numbers on their website, the actual number of positive cases is likely higher than 51 as of True Dakotan press deadline Tuesday. 

The Wessington Springs School District has been issuing notices to the school community  as district officials receive notifications about positive COVID-19 tests of students. Since September 11, the school has sent notification that one elementary school student and four middle school/high school students have tested positive for COVID-19.    

Health officials continue to recommend social distancing, wearing a face cover over the nose and mouth along with washing hands often with soap and water as precautions to avoid illness.