MOderna covid vaccine

Manor residents scheduled to receive vaccine next week

A total of 77 first doses of the Covid-19 vaccination were administered in the past two weeks at Avera Weskota Memorial Hospital in Wessington Springs. Local health care and long term care workers along with some EMS and fire department personnel received the vaccine. Jerauld County was allocated seven vials of the vaccine, which translated into 77 first doses, due to some vials including more than 10 doses of the vaccine. 
“We were able to administer an extra seven doses with the vaccine assigned to our facility,” said Stephanie Reasy, Administrator and CEO of Avera Weskota Memorial Hospital. “We’ve given out all the vaccine we were allocated by the state, focusing on front line health care workers at the health care campus in Wessington Springs.” 
Reasy explained that the hospital was able to include some EMS and public emergency workers ahead of schedule due to being located in a smaller community and the “shelf life” of the vaccine once a vial is opened.
“When you open a vial, you have six hours to use the rest of the vial,” Reasy explained. “Once health care workers were vaccinated, if we had more doses available in an opened vial, we reached out to law enforcement, EMS and the fire department to make sure we aren’t wasting a dose.” 
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