New leadership was appointed at last week’s City of Wessington Springs council meeting, after Ward Three Councilman Shane Fastnacht announced his resignation due to moving out of the ward recently. 

Kim Christensen of Wessington Springs was next up on the agenda after Fastnacht’s resignation. 

“I think it’s important to appoint someone who has experience,” Christensen said to the council. “As a member of the third ward, I recommend you appoint Kim Schultz.” 

Mayor Voorhees then announced to the public attending the meeting that it was now th time to hear from anyone who would like to nominate themselves or someone else for the Ward Three appointment.

Kim Baker, Wessington Springs, said that someone like Schultz who has budget experience including formerly serving on the Jerauld County Commission would be an asset to the city council.     

Wessington Springs residents Shane Fastnacht, Shane Mentzer, Larry Olson and Ralph Winegar all voiced their support for Schultz’s nomination. 

Councilman Mark Gran then said he would like to table the appointment until City Attorney Gary Blue, who was absent, could attend a meeting. City Finance Officer Linda Willman then told the council that she had spoken with Blue before the meeting and that he had informed her that an appointment would be appropriate at that meeting, even without him being present.

Councilman Joe Hettinger made the motion to appoint Schultz, with Councilman Aaron Roesler seconding the motion. The council then voted unanimously to appoint Schultz to the position of Ward Three councilman. 

Mayor Voorhees announced that at the next meeting,  Ward One Councilman Tim Azure will submit his resignation, also due to a recent move out of the ward. 

The meeting is scheduled for November 5, 7 p.m. at City Hall.