sworn in

Shown left to right, clockwise are: Councilmen Jason Hine, Tim Holzwarth, Joe Hettinger, Mayor Kathy Voorhees, City Attorney Gary Blue, City Auditor Linda Willman, Councilmen Mark Gran, Aaron Roesler and Kim Schultz. 

Newly elected city council members Jason Hine and Tim Holzwarth, along with uncontested incumbents whose terms were up, Joe Hettinger, Aaron Roesler and Kim Schultz were sworn in at the May meeting earlier this month. The new council president and vice president were chosen with Aaron Roesler and Tim Holzwarth, respectively, earning those titles. 

Mayor Kathy Voorhees asked that committee leadership assignment be tabled until she has the opportunity to visit with newly elected councilman Hine about the best fit for him within the various committees.