PSD serves as valuable tool

Shown left to right are Deputy Mike Krueger, Deputy Paul Sheldon with Police Service Dog Mack and Sheriff Jason Weber. 

A call requesting help rang in to the Jerauld County Sheriff’s office last Thursday — two men on foot had fled the scene during a traffic stop north of Plankinton and had disappeared into thick vegetation west of Highway 281. The Aurora County Sheriff needed access to a unique tool — the only one of its kind in the area — they needed the help of Jerauld County Police Service Dog, Mack.

“At the time, it was unknown why the men fled or if they were armed,” said Jerauld County Sheriff Jason Weber, who arrived on scene with Deputy Mike Krueger, Police Service Dog (PSD) Mack and his handler, Deputy Paul Sheldon.  

In addition to a South Dakota Highway Patrol plane flying overhead, three other officers from Aurora and Davison Counties were deployed on the scene. The plane could spot the suspects intermittently but due to the heavily vegetated area in which the men were hiding, they were invisible to the officers on the ground.

“It was so thick, we could have walked right by and not found them,” Krueger explained.  

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