red hog

New Red Hog Pub and Casino owners are shown at the recently reopened restaurant/bar/convenience store/casino in Alpena. Pictured left to right are: Shawn Ochsner, Karen Kesley and Tara Viktora. Not pictured, Ray Polfus.

When Alpena local Shawn Ochsner heard news about the town’s lone eatery and convenient store closing its doors, she immediately sprung into action.    

“I found out it was closing and I thought, what is Alpena going to do without the Red Hog,” Ochsner remembers. “Once I found out the previous owners wanted to sell, I started thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find partners and buy it.”  

When Ochsner tossed the idea around with family members, she had a great response right off the bat. 

“I told Shawn I’d help work when I could around my full time job,” said Ochsner’s sister Tara Viktora.

But when Ochsner approached her mom, Karen Kelsey about it, she received a fervent “no.”

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