An early morning severe summer storm rocked Jerauld County last Saturday, bringing wind gusts of up to 70 mph, causing downed branches, destroying patio furniture and   nearly-downing the utility pole located south of Springs Inn Cafe and north of Krohmer Agency (shown above). 
Electric superintendent Phil LaBore said that the pole in question was on the schedule to be replaced, having been originally installed in the 1960s. City crews have been regularly replacing poles in need of repair after conducting pole testing across Wessington Springs several years ago.   
LaBore and crew made the involved repair on Tuesday afternoon, which included safely backfeeding power to isolate the outage area to one block. 
At press time Tuesday, repairs were well underway and scheduled to be completed by late Tuesday afternoon. 
As a result of the needed repair, Springs Inn Cafe closed early at 1:30 p.m., Slippery’s delayed opening until 5 p.m. and  post office and Krohmer Agency employees continued to work, albeit without power.  Venture Communications enlisted the help of a backup generator to remain operational during the repair.    
The weather outlook for the remainder of the week calls for temperatures in the 80s with partly cloudy skies and a minimal chance of thunderstorms.