Waters home damaged by severe weather

The children of Weston and Chelsea Waters, Rhaelyn and Eastyn, pause for a photo with cousin Carlayna Waters in front of their home that was damaged by a toppled evergreen tree as a result of strong winds during a severe thunderstorm early Sunday morning. 

As if to prove summer storm season’s continued relevancy, a severe thunderstorm made its unwieldy power known to Wessington Springs residents early Sunday morning, ushering in strong winds that downed trees, tore off storm doors, flipped wheelbarrows and overturned a golf cart.

While much of the damage was isolated to the city park and neighborhood pictured above on and nearby Main Street East, a downed tree also found its way on top of a portion of the Curtis and Andrea Collins home east of Shakespeare Garden.

At approxmately 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 9, winds tore through the area while dumping an inch of rain. Offical weather recorder Kathy Voorhess stated that her rain gauge was knocked over due to the strong winds but recorded one inch of rainfall based on rain guage reports from locals as the official total.

While weather reports cite straight-line winds, Kelly and Connie Larson are convinced some tornadic activity was present. 

“The window on the west side of the house was completely  sucked outside of the house somewhere. There is no glass anywhere,” Connie said. 

Neighbors Karen and Duke Wenzel pointed to the twisted branches of downed trees in their yards as further evidence of isolated wind rotation in their neighborhood.

More photos from the storm can be found in this week's print and e-issue issue on PAGE TWELVE

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