Raising awareness about bullying through theater

Wessington Springs Drama Club students wowed crowds during last week’s performances of “The Bullying Collection,” a series of short plays that explore preventing bullying and strengthening compassion. 

Given the serious topic and intense nature of the play, some people have asked Julie Fastnacht, Director, why she chose this production as the Wessington Springs Drama Club’s spring play. 

“I saw this as a great educational opportunity for our actors and a way to reach out to our students and community about such a sensitive topic.” 

Fastnacht added that if, through this production the staff and students are able to impact even one person, this journey has been worthwhile. 

“This play teaches us that it is so important to stop and think. We are reminded that if we say and do hurtful things, we can create more damage than we will ever know,” she said.  “This is such a vital message. It is so important to try to be kind and accepting of each other and our differences.” 

The cast is made up of: Ronnie Adair, James Adair, AJ Neely, Piper Jones, Shannon Linn, Taylor Nelson, Katelin Deneke, Chelsea Schafer, Heidi Tirrel, John Witte, Maddie Neely, Alicia Jackson, Monte Azure, Makayla Dornbusch, Clayton Dornbusch, Emma Gran, Harlee Heim, Jack Neely Cassidy Klaassen. Directors were Julie Fastnacht, Alicia Roesler and Mary Wolter.

“This has been a very challenging process and our students have done it with great success!”