As we begin National Newspaper Week, we want to thank you for your support, and for the privilege of supporting our community by telling its stories.

National Newspaper Week is a recognition of the service of newspapers and their employees across North America. This year’s theme is “America Needs Journalists.”

Whether it’s a news story about taxes and public board meetings, feature stories about community members or student achievements, we aim to make sure Jerauld County area residents are well-informed about what is happening around them.

The True Dakotan is dedicated to protecting the public’s right to know by doing our part to preserve the right of a free press through public notices and serving as watchdogs of local government transparency. Additionally, we understand what is important to our audience and aim to foster a sense of community by reflecting the voices and concerns of local people through our stories.  

Just like we appreciate the right to encourage free and open discussion through our reporting, we also appreciate the trust and confidence you show us each week.