WSVFD responds to house fire on 1st and Wallace in Springs

What Wessington Springs resident Robin Berens expected to be a relaxing afternoon sewing at home on September 18 quickly became a frightening turn of events that resulted in a call to 911 and the Wessington Springs Volunteer Fire Department (WSVFD) responding to a fire in her home.  

“I was sewing and smelled smoke so I went outside on my porch to see if someone had a fire going,” Berens said. “I went back inside and started sewing again, then my machine popped and quit. That time when I went outside, I  saw a flame in the corner of my porch and in the room I was in — that’s when I called 911. By the time the fire department got there,  the smoke was rolling out of my eves and where the house hits the foundation.

WSVFD firemen cut holes in the walls, and flooring to eliminate the hot spots from the fire deemed electrical in nature.  Berens is currently living with family while she works with an insurance adjuster to determine next steps with repair and renovation on her house.