Letter From the Editor

It’s hard to believe we are publishing the last issue of the year. In fact, this newspaper marks the last issue of the decade!

For many, the end of 2019 is a welcome relief, the end of a year riddled with challenging weather, tough ag markets, not a lot of optimism lying within the lines of the state’s budget — and let’s not even mention the tension that persists on the national scene. 

Add to that the loss of loved ones, including cherished community members, friends and neighbors, and it’s safe to say that 2019 has been rough for many.

Although I have only owned the paper for half a decade, this ten-year mark signifies a life-changing anniversary for me — a big move from a lifetime of living in the deserts and shores of the southwest to a new life on the prairie in South Dakota. Although that move brought about many changes, deep loss, ups, downs, trials and tribulations — it is a transition for which I am still very grateful.  

I continue to feel grateful each week as I marvel at the good that exists in this community. If you look, much of that good is presented in the pages of this newspaper: volunteers a-plenty helping outdoor winter recreation come to life with activities in the park, generosity unbounded to area organizations and individuals in need, an unabashed effort to keep our rural towns alive and vibrant through business development and shopping local movements. 

Is there room for improvement in our communities? Of course! And the collective ideas on how to bring about positive change will certainly bring forth different opinions.

Recognizing that we won’t always agree on all topics and that many of our neighbors are exasperated, even downright spent after this tough year in Jerauld County, what about reconsidering how we move forward in 2020? 

During these times of struggle, what if we act as a beacon of light, an example of how to mend our differences through conversation that involves listening, respect and kindness on all sides?

Challenges are guaranteed to arise. But what if we take a step back, look at the blessings in front of us and truly realize that we have more in common than not, and in fact are stronger and can do more when working together.

It’s a new year — a new decade. The time is ripe for positive change. And I truly believe it can all start here, in a remote county in the middle of the South Dakota prairie.

I hope your New Year brings health, renewal and the opportunity to continue creating traditions (old and new) with those you love in a place that brings you joy. 

Kristi Hine, Editor/Publisher True Dakotan