Here, together on this planet, we are living in trying times. Most conversations I’ve had with friends, family and community members have revolved around what the future holds for us. Much of it is uncertain. But even through these unsettling moments, I continue to see signs of resiliency.  

Our school district has risen to the occasion, making certain that area children are taken care of in the way of weekly breakfasts and lunches, delivered right to their doorsteps, while continuing to learn at home. Teachers communicate often and with compassion and patience, available to connect with students and parents anytime via phone, email or Zoom meeting.

Our hero health care workers on the front lines are courageously taking care of patients in the face of an enemy that shows discretion to no one, pledging to do their part as we forge on, through the unknowns. 

Area businesses have stepped up to the plate, navigating a way to serve their customers safely in the face of a pandemic, despite the myriad of obstacles these times present. 

The urgent task of curbing COVID-19 has forced a serious and unsettling revenue disturbance among local retailers, bars, restaurants, events, real estate and more — all of which make up our advertising partners. This newspaper, like other area businesses, is not immune to the financial disruption caused by the pandemic.  

But like our resilient partners, we will continue.

We will be there with you, continuing to protect the public’s right to know, while bringing you up-to-date information about the pandemic and how it affects our local community.  

The newspaper may look different in the near future as we identify areas like page count and printing in black and white instead of color to help us weather the storm. We already publish an e-issue and will continue to offer that to our readership. But we do not plan on altering our paper’s print distribution. In addition to the many subscribers who simply like reading their hometown news   on newsprint, we are looking out for our senior subscribers, who also happen to be the most vulnerable in this pandemic and tend to have limited online access. 

In order to protect our employees, customers and readers, our printer in Sioux Falls has been taking protective measures when it comes to the production and packaging of the True Dakotan. Disposable gloves and hand disinfectant are required for all employees who handle this newspaper. Additionally access to their press room is limited to essential people and delivery and shipping areas require hand disinfectant at the door. Twice daily disinfecting of surfaces occur throughout the plant including the press and all machinery. 

When inserting your grocery flier and other ads, we take the same precautions at the True Dakotan. Our offices have been closed to visitors since March 20.      

The only thing certain right now is that rapid change is inevitable. While that reality itself is unnerving, I do find solace in the fact that we are in this together. Together, we  will emerge stronger. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Kristi Hine, Editor/Publisher

True Dakotan