Letter to the Editor:

I have been pondering on this letter for two weeks now and can no longer let it go without being said. I am certainly not a journalist so this is plain and simple… even though I was Art Webb’s receptionist and proof read The Independent…

I have been VERY upset with the way this city is run. All the “WHITE STUFF” that has plagued our beautiful town. (Except for the many run-down houses and sheds that need to be destroyed). Many citizens, even from other towns, have asked me what could be done. I was walking to the park the other day and all this white stuff was blowing at me. It was suggested to me, from an out of towner, that we all attend the next monthly meeting of the City Council and fire everyone and start over. 

I worked for several years for the biggest and best law firm in Huron and I was senior stenographer for Brad Bonyage AND no municipality could or were allowed to have more than one employee per family. In most cases, not permissible. 

 Lastly, the by-laws of this city need to be enforced in many, many areas.


Cecile Knight

Wessington Springs, SD