A group of like-minded young folks telling stories through visual media, that is the way Jazz Productions describes themselves. Aneel Neupane, Niva Rajbangshi, and Labesh Shrestha are the faces behind the company. Their work includes photography, cinematography, graphic design, and editing, all done in Nepal.

Jazz Productions was started in 2014 by Neupane, Rajbangshi, and Shrestha. All of them were in their early twenties and wanted to pursue their dreams. Their team originally consisted of four men, but one has since moved to Australia to start another production company. They all had a desire to pursue art through photography and cinematography and they were all doing work on their own at the time. “Everyone was doing their own freelance work, but why not do it under one banner? We are all equally talented, but doing work by yourself is hard, so why not work together and bring our four tastes together to create something new,” Rajbangshi said when asked how the idea for the business came together. 

None of these men have completed college in this area of study. Instead, they have taught themselves, and now they are one of the best-known production companies in Nepal. There are not very many options to study photography or cinematography in the country, and to travel overseas to attend University is very expensive, so these men decided the best way to learn was to put in the hard work and teach themselves. Hard work and determination can go a long way to making your dreams a reality. “We want to inspire people. We want to leave a legacy so that other people can follow us,” Rajbangshi said. 

When Jazz Productions started, they used word-of-mouth and social media as their tools for advertising. Now they have clients seeking them out because of the work that they’ve seen by the company. “We didn’t expect this when we started. We were just a bunch of guys with a few low-end cameras wanting to make videos, and now we have people wanting to work with us as clients and as our team. It’s overwhelming and exciting,” Neupane said.

 Most of the work they have done is music videos and short films, but they are starting to branch out into commercials and advertising as well. You can view some of their work at http://jazzproductions.com.np/ Even being halfway around the world from this company, anyone can help their business grow by watching and sharing their videos online.

It is very apparent that these gentlemen love what they do. Even after spending just a few hours with them I could tell this was their passion. Neupane said, “My favorite part of my job is seeing my clients be satisfied with our work. The happiness in their faces, that’s what it’s all about.”