Vicki - free signs

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to close and begin remote learning, Wessington Springs resident and retired educator Vicki Harmdierks’ first thought was, “What can I do for the kids?” 

“I love arts and crafty things and being a retired principal, I wanted to give the kids something fun to do,” she said. 

Since retiring she started home-based business  “Wooden It Inspire,” creating wooden signs for all occasions. With her vast array of sign-making supplies, she made do-it-yourself sign kits for kids to pick up, placed them in a basket on her porch and spread the word on social media.  

“It brought me so much joy to see the children through the window coming up my steps, to hear the excited pitter-patter of their feet coming to get their free sign kit,” she said smiling. “Doing this for the kids, it’s keeping me going right now.”