jim pool

Two swimming pools in Jerauld County are in the midst of receiving their annual makeovers in preparation for summer, with the Alpena pool opening later this week and the pool opening in Springs next week. Pool passes in Wessington Springs are $30 for single and $50 for family. Alpena pool admission is free of charge. 

Lessons are offered this summer in Alpena June 24 through June 28 and July 22 through July 26 for $10 per child. Contact Shawn Ochsner at 605-461-8436 or sochsner@kelseyllc.com to sign up for swimming lessons.

The City of Wessington Springs is again offering swim lessons, scheduled to be held June 17 to June 28 and July 29 to August 9 . Lessons cost $20 per session for swimmers who hold a pool pass, $25 for swimmers without a pool pass. To sign up for lessons, stop by City Hall.