Wessington Springs High School (WSHS) senior class president Isaac Kolousek escorts junior class vice-president Chloe Munsen, carrying her through WSHS Prom Grand March. Earlier this year, Munsen sustained a basketball injury that led to knee surgery, leaving her on crutches. The pair decided the march would be easier to navigate in Kolousek's arms, as shown at left.     

Friends and family who arrived early were the lucky winners of the best view of prom goers at the Las Vegas-themed prom grand march last Saturday in Wessington Springs.  Glitz and glamour embellished the event featuring freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors.  

Students kicked off the evening with formal prom photos at the elementary school gym, followed by a supper banquet at Sweet Grass Eatery for upper class students while freshman and sophomore students headed to the American Legion / Prairie Lounge. They returned to a standing- room-only crowd at the gymnasium for the Wessington Springs High School Prom Grand March at 8 p.m. 

Immediately following the grand march, family and friends left the premises to allow for a prompt start to the dance. After-hours, chaperoned prom festivities including food, high-end prizes and fun lasted into the wee hours of the morning at the elementary school gymnasium.  

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