The local Junior Horse Judging Team and Beginning Horse Judging Team participated in the State Horse Show. Junior Horse Judging Team members are: Raylee Fagerhaug, Hannah Heezen, Caroline Witte and Abigail Kolousek. Beginning Horse Judging Team members are: Alexis Roesler, Rylan Fagerhaug and  Isabella Kolousek.

Beginner English Showmanship

Alexis Roesler-Blue

Isabella Kolousek-Blue

Junior English Showmanship

Abigail Kolousek-Blue

Beginner Western Showmanship

Isabella Kolousek-Red

Beginner Pony/Miniature Horse Western Showmanship

Alexis Roesler-Purple, 1st Place Overall

Junior Western Showmanship

Abigail Kolousek-Purple

Caroline Witte-Red

Beginner Hunt Seat Equitation

Alexis Roesler-Blue

Junior Hunt Seat Equitation

Abigail Kolousek-Purple, 4th Overall

Beginner Stock Seat Equitation

Alexis Roesler-Blue

Isabella Kolousek-Blue

Junior Stock Seat Equitation

Abigail Kolousek-Blue

Junior Ranch Riding

Caroline Witte-Blue

Beginner Trail

Isabella Kolousek-White

Junior Trail

Caroline Witte-White

Senior Trail

Katelin Deneke-Red

Junior Barrel Racing

Hannah Heezen-Blue

Senior Barrel Racing

Heidi  Tirrel-Purple

Junior Breakaway Roping

Raylee Fagerhaug-White

Hannah Heezen-White

Beginner Flag Racing

Rylan Fagerhaug-White

Junior Pole Bending

Hannah Heezen-Red

Senior Pole Bending

Heidi Tirrel-Purple, 3rd Place Overall

Beginner Horse Judging-Individual

Alexis Roesler-17th Place

Isabella Kolousek-21st Place

Rylan Fagerhaug-27th Place

Beginner Horse Judging-Team

Alexis Roesler, Isabella Kolousek, Rylan Fagerhaug-5th Place


Junior Horse Judging-Individual

Abigail Kolousek-9th Place

Raylee Fagerhaug-11th Place

Caroline Witte-14th Place

Hannah Heezen-23rd Place

Junior Horse Judging-Team

Abigail Kolousek, Raylee Fagerhaug, Caroline Witte, Hannah Heezen-3rd Place Overall