Shown with students from the 8th grade Choices for your Future class and members of Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), the City of Wessington Springs Pool Task Force (Sandy Beckman, Teri Mebius, Pam Hainy, Jeanna Schafer, Ryan Jensen) is shown receiving a $1000 donation from a 3 on 3 tournament hosted earlier in the year for the pool renovation fund.

The tournament was open to a wide variety of ages, including student and adult divisions. Student FCCLA members took on planning, promoting and coordinating the tourney with the help of FCCLA advisor Charlotte Mohling.

Funding for the pool renovation project will come from a mix of grants, capital campaign, solicitation of funding from corporate donors, alumni, city budget and special events like the 3 on 3 Tournament. Early supporters of the pool renovation project, the same group of students helped design the Power Point presentation that the Pool Task Force showed at the Wessington Springs Farm and Home Show in February.