Landon Wolter (3) led the offense in a tight 13-12 victory over Chamberlain last week.   

The Woonsocket/Wessington Springs/Sanborn Central Blackhawks improved their record to 3-2 on the year with a tight 13-12 victory over Chamberlain on Friday night in Forestburg.  

With 2:40 remaining in the first quarter Chamberlain scored on a 30-yard touchdown pass.  The two-point conversion was stopped and it was 6-0.  

The score would remain 6-0 to late in the fourth quarter.  With two minutes remaining, the Blackhawks forced Chamberlain to punt.  The snap on the punt went over the punter’s head and the Blackhawks took over at the 10-yard line.  On the second down, Landon Wolter found Noah Dickson in the end zone for a touchdown pass to tie the game at 6.

Dickson was banged up on the play and had to leave the field for one play.   He is also the kicker so the Blackhawks went for two and were unable to convert.  The game then went to overtime.   

In overtime, each team gets four downs to score from the 10-yard line.   The Blackhawks had the ball first and on third down, Landon Wolter scrambled 12 yards for a touchdown.  Dickson kicked the extra point for a 13-6 lead.  

Chamberlain then had their chance in overtime and on fourth down they scored on a seven-yard touchdown pass to cut the lead to 13-12.  Chamberlain went for two, the pass was incomplete and the Blackhawks pulled out the victory.   

Next up, the Blackhawks travel to Ft. Pierre on Friday to take on Stanley County.