larson and g

Luke Larson (24) finds and connects with  Nathan Gaikowski (49) during 5-6th grade youth football action Saturday. 

Local youth football organizers and parents hosted over 600 third through sixth grade football players and fans at a youth football jamboree held at the practice field east of the elementary school Saturday.
Each age group (3rd /4th grades and 5th/6th grades) of the Woonsocket/Wessington Springs/ Sanborn Central Blackhawks played three games against area teams hailing from Chamberlain, Parkston, Mt. Vernon, Burke and Wolsey/Wessington. A full day of youth football competition, brought an influx of players, parents and spectators to town. Blackhawk Youth Football is in its sixth year and is made up of students from Wessington Springs, Woonsocket and Sanborn Central.